Giới từ (Preposition) là chủ điểm ngữ pháp quan trọng trong tiếng Anh. Vậy giới từ là gì? Đâu là các giới từ thường gặp trong tiếng Anh và làm sao để sử dụng giới từ chuẩn xác nhất? Hãy cùng Kênh Tuyển Sinh ôn lại kiến thức với những bài tập sau đây

> Giới từ trong tiếng Anh và cách sử dụng chính xác

5 từ tiếng Anh mà đến người bản ngữ cũng có thể sử dụng sai

Tổng hợp bài tập Giới từ trong Tiếng Anh (Preposition) - Ảnh 1

Hãy cùng luyện tập với các bài tập về giới từ trong tiếng Anh dưới đây!

1. Giới từ chỉ thời gian (Prepositions of Time)

1. Lucy is arriving ____ February the 13th ____ 8 o'clock ____ the morning.

2. The weather is often terrible in London _____ January.

3. It’s better to get a taxi if you are out alone _____ night.

4. She got married _____ September.

5. They usually go to the south of France _____ the summer.

6. Columbus sailed to the Americas _____ the 16th century.

7. The Beatles were popular _____ the 1960s.

8. I graduated from university _____ 2001.

9. His birthday is _____ June.

10. I usually go to my parents’ house _____ Christmas. We eat turkey together _____ Christmas Day.

11. The train leaves _____ tomorrow morning ______ 8:00 AM.

12. I love going skiing ______ January.

13. We met at the restaurant ______ 8 pm.

14. The class is ____ 9am ______ Monday mornings.

15. I like to drink coffee ______ the morning and tea ______ the afternoon.

16. We went out for dinner _____ last Wednesday.

17. She left London _____ the 4th of March.

18. I had a party _____ my birthday.

19. Lucy went to New York ______ New Year.

20. We’re meeting _____ lunchtime _____ next Tuesday.

2. Giới từ chỉ nơi chốn (Prepositions of Place)

1. The wine is ______ the bottle.

2. Pass me the dictionary, it's ______ the bookshelf.

3. Jennifer is ______ work.

4. Berlin is ______ Germany.

5. You have something ______ your face.

6. Turn left ______ the traffic lights.

7. She was listening to classical music ______ the radio.

8. He has a house ______ the river.

9. The answer is ______ the bottom of the page.

10. Julie will be ______ the plane now.

11. There are a lot of magnets ______ the fridge.

12. She lives ______ London.

13. John is ______ a taxi. He's coming.

14. I'll meet you ______ the airport.

15. She stood ______ the window and looked out.

16. The cat is ______ the house somewhere.

17. Why are you calling so late? I’m already ______ bed.

18. I waited for Lucy ______ the station.

19. There was a picture of flowers ______ her T-shirt.

20. She has a house ______ Japan.

3. Giới từ đứng sau động từ (Prepositions after Verbs)

1. It’s so noisy – I can’t concentrate _____ my homework.

2. Don’t worry – I’ll pay _____ the tickets.

3. The car belongs _____ my father, so I don’t think we can use it.

4. I borrowed a pen _____ my classmate.

5. I’ve been waiting _____ the bus for more than twenty minutes!

6. Julie: “What time shall we eat dinner?”
Gill: “It depends _____ John – we’ll eat when he gets home”.

7. When we arrived _____ the cinema, the film had already started.

8. Please explain this problem _____ us.

9. She was listening _____ the radio when the doorbell rang.

10. John worries _____ his exam results all the time.

4. Giới từ đứng sau tính từ (Prepositions after Adjectives)

1. England is famous ________ its rainy weather.

2. I'm very proud ________ my daughter, she worked very hard.

3. He isn't really interested ________ getting married.

4. Luke is very pleased ________ his exam results.

5. Unfortunately, I'm very bad ________ music.

6. I've been married ________ my husband for 10 years.

7. She's very excited ________ the party.

8. Julie is very different ________ her sister.

9. My niece is afraid ________ dogs.

10. A ball gown is similar ________ an evening dress.

5. Giới từ trong thành ngữ (Preposition Collocations)

1. She paid for lunch ___________ advance, so we don’t need to pay now.

2. I went to the wrong house ___________ mistake!

3. Please make sure that you’re ___________ time for the class!

4. I was walking to the station and ___________ chance I saw the glove I’d lost on the ground.

5. I love eating out in London. ___________ instance, one of my favourite restaurants has amazing Japanese food.

6. I think the cat is ___________ danger on that high roof.

7. I picked up the laptop and ___________ my surprise it fell apart in my hands.

8. I have a lot ___________ common with my cousin. We both like many of the same things.

9. If the baby starts to cry, pick her up ___________ once.

10. Did you forget your purse ___________ purpose so you wouldn’t have to pay?


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