Hãy cùng Kênh tuyển sinh thử sức với các bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh về phần tổng hợp từ loại để chuẩn bị cho các kì thi nhé!

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh: Đại từ

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh: Đại từ

Đại từ là kiến thức cơ bản mà người học tiếng Anh cần nắm kỹ. Sau đây là tổng hợp bài tập trắc nghiệm về đại từ trong tiếng Anh giúp bạn thành thạo về...

1. Bài tập trắc nghiệm tổng hợp về từ loại

Câu 1: We like their …...

A. friends

B. friendly

C. friendliness

D. a&c

Câu 2: The …. between Vietnam and China is good.

A. friends

B. friendly

C. friendliness

D. friendship

Câu 3: They seem to be ….. We dislike them.

A. friends

B. friendly

C. friendliness

D. friendship

Câu 4: There will be a …. in this street.

A. meet

B. meeting

C. met

D. a&c

Câu 5: We saw …. girls there.

A. beauty

B. beautiful

C. beautifully

D. beautify

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh: tổng hợp về từ loại - Ảnh 1

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh: tổng hợp về từ loại

Câu 6: The garden is … with trees and flowers.

A. beauty

B. beautiful

C. beautifully

D. beautify

Câu 7: The problem of ________ among young people is hard to solve.

A. employment

B. employers

C. employees

D. unemployment

Câu 8: The ________ will judge you on your quality and performance.

A. examining

B. examinees

C. examiners

D. examination

Câu 9: A (An) _________ corporation is a company that operates in more than one country.

A. national

B. international

C. multinational

D. nationwide

Câu 10: Excessive ___________ to direct sunlight should of course be avoided.

A. disposition

B. disposal

C. exposition

D. exposure

Câu 11: There was quite a _________ crowd at the match.

A. respective

B. respectable

C. respecting

D. respected

Câu 12: He was finally _________ in his final attempt.

A. successful

B. successive

C. unsuccessful

D. success

Câu 13: Our education will help with the _________ of knowledge for the young.

A. enrichment

B. rich

C. riches

D. richness

Câu 14: There is an …. match between Vietnam and Lebanon on VTV3.

A. national

B. international

C. multinational

D. nationwide

Câu 15: We’re worried about the ….. here.

A. pollute

B. polluted

C. pollution

D. polluting

Câu 16: This energy - …. bulb is not cheap.

A. save

B. saved

C. saving

D. savoury

Câu 17: The …. are requiring us to repair the machines.

A. consume

B. consumer

C. consumption

D. consumers

Câu 18: Watching Korean films on TV is a time - …. activity.

A. consume

B. consumer

C. consumption

D. consumers

Câu 19: Water …. is increasing this summer.

A. consume

B. consumer

C. consumption

D. consuming

Câu 20: The …. of the model attracts us.

A. efficiency

B. effect

C. efficient

D. effectively

Câu 21: They are working ….., so we are …..

A. effective, satisfactory

B. effectively, satisfactory

C. effectively, satisfied

D. effective, satisfied

Câu 22: Life always needs a lot of …...

A. innovate

B. innovator

C. innovation

D. B&C

Câu 23: Why are you so …….. of his work? He's just doing his best.

A. critic

B. critical

C. criticize

D. criticism

Câu 24: It's her ….. obligation to tell the police what she knows.

A. immoral

B. moral

C. morality

D. morally

25. Mrs. Tam has never lost her _________ for teaching.

A. enthusiastic

B. enthusiasm

C. enthusiast

D. enthusiastically

26. Don't forget to say goodbye to the ___________ before leaving the office.

A. interviewer

B. interviewing

C. interviewee

D. interview

27. The ao dai is the _____ dress of Vietnamese women.

A. tradition          B. traditional          C. traditionalism         D. traditionally

28. Tet holiday is the most important _____ for Vietnamese people.

A. celebration          B. celebrate         C. celebrated          D. celebrant

29. We have to be _____ when riding our bikes on the streets

A. careless         B. carefulless          C. care          D. careful

30. The old man walked _____ to the park

A. slows          B. slowly          C. slow          

31. The author's _____ is communicated through his song.

A. unhappy         B. happy          C. unhappiness         D. happiness

32. Sony is a big firm which is _____ in Vietnamese's market.

A. compete          B. competition          C. competitive          D. competitor

33. Doctors and _______ have reported on how we are all affected by the noise around us.

A. scientist          B. science         C. scientific         D. scientism

34. The __________ between Vietnam and China is recovered.

A. friend          B. friendship         C. friendly          D. friendless

35. The boss refused to meet the Union's _____.

A. delegation          B. delegate          

36. Many _____________ activities will be held tomorrow.

A. cultural          B. culturally         C. cultured          D. culture

37. The gas from the chemical factory was extremely _____

A. harmful          B. harm          C. harmless         D. harmlessly

38. D. E. Huges was the _____ of the microphone.

A. inventive          B. invention          C. inventor          D. inventiveness

39. There are a lot of _____festivals in Vietnam.

A. traditionalist         B. traditionalism         C. tradition         D. traditional

40. They work hard in order to _____ good crops from poor soil.

A. produce          B. production          C. productive         D. product

41. I hope there won't be too much _____ in getting a work permission.

A. difficulty          B. difficulties         C. difficult

42. Your answer is _____ right.

A. exactly          B. exaction          C. exactitude          D. exactness

43. Everyone admires her _____ to help the poor.

A. ready         B. readiness          C. readily          D. readies

44. Dick becomes _____ because of his laziness.

A. jobless         B. joblessness         C. job

45. I put my book near the desk for _____.

A. convenience          B. conveniently          C. convenient

46. She has one of the biggest stamps _____ in Britain.

A. collection          B. collectable          C. collective         D. collected

47. The children are more _____ in cartoons.

A. interest         B. interested          C. interesting          D. interestingly

48. Many tourists have been attracted by the _____ of Ha Long Bay.

A. beauty         B. beautiful          C. beautify         D. beautifully

49. Designers have _____ the ao dai for ages.

A. modernized          B. modern         C. moderation          D. moderate

50. She divorced him because of his _____ to the children.

A. kindness          B. kinder          C. kind         D. kindle

2. Đáp án

1D; 2D; 3D; 4B; 5B; 6B; 7D; 8C; 9C; 10D;

11B; 12A; 13A; 14B; 15C; 16C; 17D; 18D; 19C; 20A;

21C; 22C; 23B; 24B; 25B; 26A; 27B; 28A; 29D; 30B;

31D; 32C; 33A; 34B; 35A; 36A; 37A; 38C; 39D; 40A;

41B; 42A; 43B; 44A; 45C; 46A; 47B; 48A; 49A; 50A.

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