IOE tiếng Anh được rất nhiều bạn trẻ quan tâm. Kênh Tuyển Sinh chia sẻ đến bạn tổng hợp những câu luyên thi IOE tiếng Anh lớp 6 theo dạng bài tập.

Tổng hợp câu luyện thi IOE tiếng Anh lớp 6 theo các dạng - Ảnh 1

Bạn đã nắm kỹ các dạng bài tập IOE tiếng Anh lớp 6 chưa ?

1. Dạng bài tập điền từ vào chỗ trống căn bản trong đề thi iOE tiếng Anh lớp 6

How do you do ? – Not bad,_ _ _ _ _ you.

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Would you prefer playing soccer or ch_ _ _?

How _ _ _ _ _ do you visit your grandfather? Once a week, maybe.

_ _ _ _ _ is this beautiful garden? I want to take pictures it– It’s my friend, David.

Hello, Let me _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ myself, I’m Mai. I’m from Hanoi., Vietnam. Glad to meet you!

What does she _ _ _ _ like? She's short and slim, blonde with green eyes.

How _ _ _ _ are this T-shirt and trousers? – Total is 50 dollars

I usually go home at half _ _ _ _ eight because I need to buy some food for my grandmother.

Who are you going w _ _ _? Ms. Thanh, I saw you last night.

How many people are _ _ _ _ _ in the world? About 7.3 billion.

Nam______ listening to music to going to the concert

Mr. Brown often att_____ clean-up campaigns.

my father likes reading English maga____ and books.

How____ is it from the school to the market?

Would you like to have breakfast___ eggs?

I’m back___ school and I’m hungry.

How ___ does it take you to get to the nearest hospital?

I am ready __ the next examination.

Most children like eating a__ cream when watching sports.

___ beautiful the flowers are!

How __ giving me a hand? – Sure, I’d be glad to help.

My father often drinks a __ of tea in the morning.

She __ aerobics and plays badminton everyday.

The train __ Hanoi will leave at 7.30 tonight.

Many women in vietnam often stay at home to take care of the house and look __ their

He never gets ___ good marks because he is too lazy.

What’s your new phone__? – 078983250983.

2. Dạng bài tập chọn đáp án đúng

1. My mom always … to the market in the morning.

A. goes b. going c. go d. to go

2. Would you like some drinks after dinner? …

A. Yes, I do c. No, I don’t

B. Yes, I don’t d. No, thank you

3 … are small and cute, I want to take them to go home.

A. The cat b. My cat c. These cats d. This cat

4. I can’t write a perfect English essay … I speak English fluently

A. but b. and c. in order to d. neither

5. Can I borrow your eraser? …

A. Yes, you have c. yes, you can

B. Yes, you can’t d. yes, you should borrow

6. They are …

a doctor b. an nurse c. soldiers d. a farmer

7. Which sentence is correct?

A. Are you feel hungry c. Do you hungry

B. Do you feel hungry d. You hungry, aren’t you?

8. What do you usually do … the holiday with your family? My family visit my grandparents and travel to the U.S.A

A. at b. between c. to d. in

9. … are they? They are newly married couple

A. Who b. whose c. how d. which

10. We … the final exam next week, right?

Has b. have c. had d. are having

Câu 11: Are there _____pens on the table?

A. Some B. any C. a D. an

Câu 12: “under” has opposite meaning to “.....”

A. Behind B. before C. after D. above

13. My children spend hours_______ TV everyday.

A. Watches B. watching C. Doing watch D. watch

Câu 14: Odd one out:

A.City B. crop C. Rice D. field

Câu 15: How much does a parcel to france.....?

A.Is B. are C. Take D. cost

Câu 16: You need____ to send letters to people at the post office.

A.Postcard B. stamps C. Coins D. writing pads

Câu 17: We usually___ to the library three times a week. But last week we______ twice.

A.Went/ went B. go/ go C. Went/ go D. go/ went

18. Please…………… with you. Mom

A.leave B. let’s

C. take D. help

19. Which can you buy from a furniture shop ? : cửa hàng vật dụng gia đình

A. A stamp      B. bread and cake

C. meat           D. a sofa

20. What ______ in the freetime? – she reads books.

A.She does often        B. Does she often do

C.does she do often        D. is she doing often

21. I am going ______ around the world with my family this summer.

A.To traveling        B. traveled                          C.traveling                           D. to travel

22. Where … she … from?

a. Is / come     b. does / come     c. does / come     d. is / comes

23. When … she ... to the party tonight?

a. Do / go    b. does / goes    c. is / going      d. will / doing

24. How many candles are …?

a. in b. that c. here d. there

25. Peter and Annay …. in the Sunday morning, they are traveling to Phu Quoc Island in their honeymoon.

a. have just married     b. marry      c. has just married      d. just married

26. … are they? They are actors.

a. Who     b. which     c. what     d. where

27. All schools in Vietnam begin … September annual.

a. At     b. to     c. after      d. before

28. You don’t like noodles, ….?

a. are you     b. aren’t you     c. don’t you      d. do you

29. Who are they going to stay with?

A. Their brother and sister     B. their uncle and aunt

C.their parents                               D. their grandparents

30. I don’t know the __ of these foreign books.

A. Money     B. price                 C. costly               D. much

3. Dạng bài tập hoàn thành câu tiếng Anh lớp 6

Christmas/you/a/ Wish/Merry!

people/Hoa’s family/are/How/there/many/in?


Peter/buy/Harry Potter/for/young/his/comics/wants/brother/to.






May / I / come / in?

I am going/ tomorrow./ the tower/ to visit/ of London

has about/ 2 hours/ of homework/ every day. / Marie

biggest city/ which is/ the/ in/ the world?

after/ you/ feel/ the exam?/ How do

go/ skiing/ winter. / My children/ every

A walk now. / I can’t/ go / for/ out

How much/ are two/ bottles of/ orange juice?

with? / Who/ going to / are you/ stay

twenty-one / will be/ next month. / years old / He

Often feel/ thirsty. / When it is/ hot, people/ tired and

Please put/ in the order/ hear. / you/ the pictures

spend much of / her spare time/ Does she/ playing tennis/ with friends?

What do/ factories/ and scrap?/ do with/ waste

oval face?/ have a/ Does she/ round face/ or an

the plants. / destroying/ These people/ forests and / are burning

of milk. / I’m out/ soda because/ I will have/ a can of

minutes riding / I usually/ to school. / my bike/ spend 20

the children / Don’t let/ the street. / play / near

Do you/ know/ anything/ about/ Mary’s husband?

in the morning. / lake in / My sister/ around the/ like walking

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