Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp THPT môn tiếng anh trường THPT Tân Yên 2 (Bắc Giang)

Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia môn tiếng anh năm 2015: Xem trọn bộ đề thi thử môn tiếng anh năm 2015 bao gồm 79 câu, thí sinh làm bài trong thời gian 90 phút. Truy cập chuyên mục luyện thi đại học tại kenhtuyensinh.vn để thường xuyên cập nhật đề thi thử và đáp án các môn thi tốt nghiệp năm nay.

Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia môn tiếng anh năm 2015 ( Trường THPT Tân Yên 2, Sở giáo dục Băc giang)

Họ, tên thí sinh:..........................................................................

Số báo danh:...............................................................................


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the one that has the SAME or OPPOSITE meaning with the bold word.

Câu 1: He insisted on listening to the entire story. Which of the following has the SAME meaning with “entire”?

A. part                           B. funny                         C. whole                        D. interesting

Câu 2: The train arrived late this morning. Which of the following has the OPPOSITE meaning with “ late”?

A. soon                          B. later                           C. early                          D. lately


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 3: I will go without her unless she _______ on time.

A. to come                     B. came                          C. coming                      D. comes

Câu 4: Last night I watched a very interesting film ________ TV.

A. to                               B. on                              C. in                               D. at

Câu 5: I will stand here and wait for you _______ you come back.

A. so                              B. though                       C. until                          D. because

Câu 6: __________ poor always need the help from all people in the society.

A. q                                B. A                               C. The                           D. An

Câu 7: Minh: “Would you like a cup of coffee?”                Lan: “______________”

A. You’re welcome        B. Yes, I would              C. Yes, I’d love to         D. Yes, please

Câu 8: She never stays up late to learn her old lessons, ___________?

A. did she                       B. didn’t she                  C. doesn’t she               D. does she

Câu 9: Last weekend my family had _______ dinner in a very luxurious restaurant.

A. the                             B. a                                 C. an                              D. q

Câu 10: The film ________ was on on TV last night is very boring.

A. what                          B. which                         C. whom                        D. who

Câu 11: The price of petrol is becoming ___________.

A. cheaper and cheaper                                         B. cheap and cheap

C. cheaper and cheap                                           D. cheap and cheaper

Câu 12: Hardly ________ asleep when the phone woke him up again.

A. had the doctor fallen                                        B. did the doctor fall

C. the doctor fell                                                  D. the doctor has fallen

Câu 13: This exercise may _______ with a pencil.

A. be written                  B. be writing                  C. write                         D. be to write

Câu 14: My student practices _________ English with her friends everyday.

A. speaking                    B. speak                         C. to speak                    D. spoke

Câu 15: The ________ the hotel is, the _______ the service is.

A. more expensive/better                                      B. more expensive/ best

C. expensive/better                                               D. expensive/more better

Câu 16: I am expected to take part in the contest and win it, ________ ?

A. don’t I                       B. wasn’t I                     C. aren’t I                      D. am I

Câu 17: Bac Giang is very famous _________ Luc Ngan litchi, Ke pancake, Van Village wine, and etc.

A. for                             B. about                         C. of                              D. with


Câu 18: John: “I’ve passed my final exam.”            Tom: “____________”

A. Good luck.                                                       B. It’s nice of you to say so.

C. That’s a good idea.                                          D. Congratulation!

Câu 19: There’s somebody walking behind us. I think  ___________ .

A. we are being following                                     B. we are followed

C. we are being followed                                      D. we are following

Câu 20: _______, we tried our best to complete it.

A. Difficult as the homework was                        B. Thanks to the difficult homework

C. As though the homework was difficult           D. Despite the homework was difficult

Câu 21: It is necessary that children __________ of their old parents.

A. to take care                B. takes care                   C. take care                    D. took care

Câu 22: The student ________ father is my friend got a scholarship to the USA.

A. what                          B. whom                        C. whose                       D. who

Câu 23: If you had taken my advice, you __________ a lot of trouble.

A. wouldn't have            B. won’t have                C. wouldn’t have had    D. wouldn’t have have

Câu 24: Would you like _________ out for a drink with me?

A. to go                          B. going                          C. to be going                D. go

Câu 25: ________ Mrs. Hong is over 90 years old, she gets up early and does morning exercises.

A. Although                   B. Because                     C. If                               D. Until

Câu 26: You shouldn’t ________ the person or thing you want someone to look at.

A. point of                     B. point with                 C. point at                     D. point up

Câu 27: I suggest that the doctor _________ up his mind without delay.

A. make                          B. made                          C. to make                     D. makes

Câu 28: Only when he started working with her __________ that she was intelligent.

A. he had realized          B. did he realize             C. he did realized           D. he realized

Câu 29: The thief admitted _________ my money while I was sleeping.

A. taking                        B. to take                       C. took                          D. take

Câu 30: She asked Mr. Vincent _____________.

A. what was his job       B. what will his job be   C. what is his job          D. what his job was

Câu 31: She _________ the book which she left at school yesterday.

A. is looking at               B. is looking up              C. is looking for             D. is looking with

Câu 32: My sister agreed ________ him after his fifth proposal.

A. married                      B. to marry                    C. being married            D. marrying

Câu 33: John’s mother asked where he __________ the night before.

A. went                          B. had gone                    C. has gone                    D. goes

Câu 34: Mary: “I’ve got an interview for a job tomorrow.”             Peter: “____________.”

A. See you                     B. Same to me                C. Thank you                D. Good luck

Câu 35: The Boeing 747 is twice _______ the Boeing 707.

A. bigger than                 B. as big as                     C. as bigger as                D. more bigger than

Câu 36: Hoa: “What a new car you have!”                          Hue: “______________”

A. You’re welcome                                               B. Thanks. I bought it yesterday

C. Never mind                                                      D. I’d love to

Câu 37: The song has ________ been selected for the 22nd Sea Games, Vietnam.

A. officer                        B. officially                    C. office                         D. official


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the given one.

Câu 38: “Sorry, I’m late.” said the boy to the teacher.

A. The boy apologised to the teacher for being late.

B. The teacher said sorry to the boy for being late.

C. The boy said to the teacher that he was late.

D. The boy thanked the teacher for being late.

Câu 39: After he had finished the report, he submitted it to the director.

A. Finishing the report, it was submitted to the director.

B. Having finished the report, it was submitted to the director.

C. Having finished the report, he submitted to the director.

D. Having finished the report, he submitted it to the director.

Câu 40: We haven’t met each other for ages.

A. Its ages since we meet each other.                  B. It was ages since we met each other.

C. It’s ages since we met each other.                   D. Its ages since we have met each other.

Câu 41: They had to cancel the flight because the fog was too thick.

A. Because of the fact that they had to cancel the flight , the fog was too thick.

B. Due to the thick fog, they cancelled the flight.

C. Due to the thick fog, they didn’t cancel the flight.

D. Due to the fog was thick, they cancelled the flight.

Câu 42: Most of Ann’s friends work less hard than her.

A. Ann works more hardly than most of her friends do.

B. Ann works more hard than most of her friends do.

C. Ann works as hard as most of her friends do.

D. Ann works harder than most of her friends do.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Throughout the United States, the number of places where people are allowed to smoke has gradually become smaller and smaller. First, it was banned on trains, buses and planes, then in public places such as theatres and airports. Now you can’t smoke in any workplace. Nonsmokers are definitely winning the battle. “Why should we breathe their smoke ?”, they say. ( Lưu ý: Bạn có thể xem đáp án đề thi tốt nghiệp 2015 và điểm thi tốt nghiệp 2015 tại đây)

If they are lucky, smokers can still find some bars and restaurants where they can light up a cigarette, but it may soon be banned there , too. Anti-smoking groups even think that smoking ought to be banned in people’s homes.

Under new plans you won’t be able to smoke where there are more than ten visitors in a week, or where there are children. In 1996, nicotine was classed as drug, like cocaine or heroin. In the country that gave tobacco to the world, smoking might one day be illegal

Câu 43: Now you can smoke ___________ but in the future you can’t.

A. on trains                    B. in theatres                  C. on planes                  D. in bars

Câu 44: “Why should we breathe their smoke?” The word “their” in this sentence means:

A. smokers’                   B. other people’s           C. nonsmokers’             D. visitors’

Câu 45: Which of the following sentences is true according to the passage?

A. The number of smokers has become smaller..

B. You can smoke in some bars and restaurants.

C. You can smoke in your office.

D. There are more places for people who want to smoke.

Câu 46: “ Nonsmokers are winning the battle” means:

A There are more nonsmokers.

B. There are more smokers.

C. There are fewer places where people can smoke.

D. There are more places where people can smoke.

Câu 47: In the future, smoking in ____________ may soon be banned.

A. bars and restaurants                                         B. the country that gave tobacco to the world

C. large family’s homes                                        D. all of these places


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress.

Câu 48:    A. television              B. information           C. economic              D. engineer

Câu 49:    A. interview               B. difficulty               C. simplicity             D. beautiful

Câu 50:    A. arrive                     B. doctor                   C. teacher                  D. offer


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underline is pronounced differently from the rest.

Câu 51:    A. misses B. horses C. buses D. houses

Câu 52:    A. swear                    B. dear                      C. hear                      D. near

Câu 53:    A. took                      B. book                      C. soon                      D. good

Câu 54:    A. feat                       B. wear                     C. meat                     D. heat

Câu 55:    A. bus                        B. monkey                 C. fun                        D. university


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.

Câu 56: Each of the nurses report to the operating room when his or her name is called.

A                    B                                                                 C              D

Câu 57: My father used to give me a good advice whenever I had a problem.

A                  B                   C                      D

Câu 58: Not until I was on my way to the airport that I realized I had left my passport at home.

A                    B                                       C                                                    D

Câu 59: Students suppose to read all the questions carefully and find out the answers to them.

A                                B                                                    C                            D

Câu 60: It was suggested that Pedro studies the material more thoroughly before attempting to pass the

A                            B                                       C               D



Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived during a period of earth’s history called the Mesozoic Era, which is known as the Age of Reptiles. The first dinosaurs appeared more than 200 million years ago. For many millions of years, they dominated the land with their huge size and strength. Then about 65 million years ago, they died out rather suddenly, never to reemerge.

The word dinosaur comes from two Greek words meaning “terrible lizard”. Dinosaurs were not lizards, but their appearance could be truly terrifying. The biggest ones weighed more than ten times as much as a mature elephant and nearly equaled the size of most modern—day whales. The famous kinds of dinosaurs, including the brontosaur and tyrannosaurus rex, reached 80 to 90 feet in length. Not all dinosaurs were giants, however, some were actually no larger than a chicken.

Scientists still do not know what caused dinosaur to disappear. One theory involves a change in the earth’s climate. It is believed that temperature dropped significantly towards the end of the Cretaceous Period. Too large to hibernate and not having fur or feathers for protection, it is possible that the climate became too chilly for dinosaurs. In contrast, other species having protection, such as the mammals and birds, were able to survive.

Câu 61: What is the best title for this passage?

A. The History of Earth                                       B. Earth’s Largest Reptiles

C. The Metabolism of Dinosaurs                        D. The Domination of the Land

Câu 62: It can be inferred from the passage that the Age of Reptiles lasted about

A. 65 million years        B. 200 million years       C. 80 million years        D. 135 million years

Câu 63: The author uses the phrase “never to reemerge” to indicate that the dinosaurs

A. went into hiding        B. became extinct           C. lost their way           D. never died out

Câu 64: According to the passage, what is true about the size of dinosaurs?

A. It was rather uniform.

B. It guaranteed their survival.

C. It made them the largest creatures ever on earth.

D. It varied quite greatly.

Câu 65: Which of the following can be inferred about mammals and birds.

A. They preceded the dinosaurs.

B. They could not survive the chilly temperatures.

C. Most have either fur or feathers over their bodies.

D. They were too large to hibernate.


Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks.

We are using up the world’s petroleum. We use (66) ______ in our cars and to heat our building in winter.Farmers use petrochemicals to (67) ______ the soil rich. They use them to kill insects (68) ______ eat plants. These chemicals go (69) ______ rivers and lakes and kill the fish there. Thousands of pollutants also go into the air and pollute it. Winds carry this (70) ______ air to other countries and other continents.

Poor farmers use the same land over and (71) ______ . The land needs a rest so it will be better next year. However, the farmers must have food this year. Poor people cut down forests (72) ______ firewood. In some areas when the trees are gone, the land (73) ______ desert. Poor people can’t save the environment for the (74) ______ .

This is not a problem for one country or one area of the world. It is a problem for all- humans. The people and the nations of the world must work together to (75) ______ the world’s resources.

Câu 66:    A. those                     B. that                       C. it                           D. them

Câu 67:    A. let                          B. change                   C. make                     D. work

Câu 68:    A. whom                    B. who                       C. what                     D. which

Câu 69:    A. into                       B. for                         C. at                          D. out

Câu 70:    A. polluting               B. pollution               C. pollute                  D. polluted

Câu 71:    A. again                      B. over                       C. repeatedly            D. repeating

Câu 72:    A. with                      B. for                         C. at                          D. of

Câu 73:    A. turns                     B. changes                 C. gets                       D. becomes

Câu 74:    A. times                     B. period                   C. future                    D. time being

Câu 75:    A. recycle                  B. preserve                C. keep                      D. reuse


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the one that best completes each sentence.

Câu 76: "When can you come?" - "I'll come as soon as _________ my work."

A. I'd finish                    B. I finished                   C. I will finish               D. I've finished

Câu 77: Please _________ this form and post it.

A. turn on                      B. fill in                          C. look up                     D. give up

Câu 78: I _______ a novel ________ by O.Henry at seven yesterday evening.

A. read/written                                                      B. would read/ to write

C. was reading/written                                         D. was to read/ writing

Câu 79: _________ is the act of preventing something from being lost, wasted, damaged or destroyed.

A. Habitat                      B. Biodiversity              C. Extinction                 D. Conservation

Câu 80: It is very important for a firm or a company to keep ______ the changes in the market.

A. track about                B. up with                      C. pace of                      D. touch with



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